Neil Woodcock, Managing Director
With over 20 years experience within the automotive industry, Neil takes responsibility for the production and development side of the company. Working hands on, he undertakes all the bespoke design and development of the bespoke elements of the business. Dealing with major clients like BMW Group, he is responsible for the specialist items of protection used within the MINI and ROLLS ROYCE environments. Neil also designs all the specialist protective covers used within the POLICE FORCES.

Carolyn Woodcock, Financial Director
Carolyn has worked within the Administration and Customer Services Environment for over 25 years, having initially worked as a Customer Services Manager upon leaving school. Having taken a short break to have children, Carolyn returned to work, but this time, joined the family business. Her primary role is to oversee all aspects of the day to day running of the company, but administratively and financially.

Chris Gray, Workshop Manager
Chris has over 15 years experience within the automotive trimming industry, learning his trade under the watchfull eye of some of our former Newtrim employees. He served his 'apprenticeship' working alongside car trimmers that had themselves worked within the factory at Cowley for over 30 years, and has therefore a wealth of knowledge handed on to him by them. Chris is responsible for all aspects of the car trimming side of the business, and also assists with the contract upholstery trimming as and when required.

LYNDA JONES, Industrial Machinist
Lynda joined Newtrim back in 1999, when they were awarded to contract to supply ready made aftermarket seat covers for MG Rover and LAND ROVER, via Caterpillar Logistics. Lynda brings to Newtrim over 15 years experience within the industrial sewing sector. Having been trained at Faurecia, in Stanford in the Vale, specifically to carry out this type of work. She works alongside other machinists within the sewing department, and utilises a wide range of sewing techniques within her day to day work.

MARGARET NIXEY, Industrial Machinist
Margaret has been with the company almost since it's inception, and had worked for many years previous to this within the trim shop at the old Rover factory at Cowley. She also has experience within the furnishings sector, and brings with her many different skills which are essential to achieve satisfactory sewing results in this field.


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