Bespoke, made to measure, fitted protective covers, to provide a substantial reduction in the damage incurred to the manufacturer's original cloth interior (which remains in-situ under the protective cover provided).

Repeatedly climbing in and out of any vehicle will over time lead to wear and tear on the seat covering.

The Police Force Vehicles, with the Police equipment utility belts, are particularly prone to this type of damage.

We have therefore designed a protective overcover.

Designed to incorporate specifically placed reinforced sections of the seating cover, in order to take the brunt of the wear and tear. Allows for all seat controls to still be fully functional and , and the necessary allowances for airbag deployment are incorporated within each make/model design. This cover helps keep the original interior cover clean, tidy and most importantly undamaged.

Used primarily within the POLICE FORCES of the UK. (Currently 20 forces are specifying our covers within their fleet management programmes). These covers are suitable for any vehicle which is subject to extensive driver usage.

Courier Companies, Rescue Vehicles, Delivery Drivers, and high mileage fleet vehicles would all benefit from this type of cover.

It offers a substantial saving to repeatedly replacing the manufacturers original covers on an ongoing basis.

Also offers a potentially greater residual vehicle when the vehicle is at the end of its service life, as the original trim is still in good condition.


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