Manufacturing Protection

We offer a wide range of manufacturing protection options. All protection is bespoke, and made specifically for its intended purpose. Protection ranges from equipment, to tooling, to personnel, and even to fixed structures and machines within the manufacturing environment.

BMW Manufacturing, Plant Oxford (Mini) and Plant Goodwood (Rolls Royce) both make extensive use of our protective covers on their car bodies, as they are progressing around the plant, in order to prevent damage occurring to the body panels during the manufacturing process.

Likewise lineside equipment, tooling and even operatives use both fixed and removable protection during their part of the vehicles construction. Interior building metal stanchions are also covered, in order to prevent damage to vehicles being driven around within the factory building.

By close liaison with the Manufacturing Damage Team, potential damage issues are identified, and with close consultation with both operatives and process planners, a bespoke solution is put forward, a prototype is manufactured, tested within the 'damage' environment, modified as necessary, and then manufactured in the required quantities to resolve the damage issue.

For an initial small investment, we have proved consistently that the levels of damage can be greatly reduced, and in some instances removed completely from the manufacturing process. This obviously has an impact on both the levels of rework necessary to ensure that the vehicle leaves the factory in first class condition, but also has a significant impact on the financial aspect of unnecessary rework.

If you have identified a problem within the working environment, speak to us about the possibilities available to help overcome these issues.


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